Esperience and quality in gardens and beaches production of anodized aluminum articles

Our story

S.ME.CA is located in a factory in the town of Montelabbate ( Pesaro, Italy ). It was founded in 1978 and became the first Italian company to produce anodized aluminum furniture, resistant to the action of atmospheric agents suitable for outdoor locations, like sunbeds, deckchairs and directors chairs. With over forty years of experience and thanks to the attention to details during the manufacturing process and the professional manpower competence, the Company currently supplies its products to main Beach Resorts, Spas, gardens and pools all over Italy and abroad. Focused on mantaining an high standard of quality, satisfying a larger number of customers, S.ME.CA distinguish itself from the other manifacturers of the sector by a continuos product research, focused in finding innovative solutions. All models are patented.

S.ME.CA - Azienda
S.ME.CA - Azienda

Procedure production stages

  • Storage of aluminum profiles
  • Aluminum profile cutting with automatic and manual cutting machines
  • Internal automatization welding
  • Puncturing of the assembling components
  • Anodising and/or lacquering process
  • In house plastic moulding process by injection press machines
  • Assembling of the final product
  • Packaging and storage of the products
S.ME.CA - Azienda


The attention to details and the care during the manufacturing process and a very qualified Manpower guarantee the high quality of our products. All the production processes, except for anodising and lacquering, is made inside the Facility, situated in Montelabbate ( Pesaro, Italy ).

The S.ME.CA products are made only from high quality materials that can guarantee a long-lasting quality.

S.ME.CA uses primary aluminum melting, extruded following the patented project design in different shapes. Each Sunbed is made by six different aluminum bars in different sizes. The Company uses high resistant plastic fabric in polyester material and polyamide string, coated in PVC, in order to guarantee a long-lasting life.

Thanks to the long-standing experience the Company became a leader in the market and its products are fully made in Italy.